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Intruder Alarm installtion company Bromley

A professionally fitted intruder alarm is a vital part of a home or business security system. Not only do they detect intruders, they also act as a deterrent to breaks ins and burglary’s. With today’s modern technology they also alert you via phone to any break in and can be disarmed from anywhere in the phone.

Features include the ability to detect and alert you remotely to fire and floods!

Modern intruder alarms have the latest technology installed which means fewer false alarms. This means that if you do have a genuine alert it’s more likely to be taken seriously by the owner or the Police.

All of our Intruder Alarm systems are installed to the latest British standard BS34737 which are approved to the standards required by U.K. insurance companies.

CCTV systems and intruder alarm systems can be linked to provide the ultimate in security – get an alert and then view the cameras from your phone or pc remotely to see clearly what the problem is and then take any necessary action.

Wireless Intruder Alarms Bromley

Our intruder alarms can be fitted wirelessly to cut down on cables with only the main panel needing power from the mains.

• Battery life can last up to 6 years.
• Clean installation – no need for wires and trunking.
• Arm and disarm from anywhere in the world via phone based connection
• Up to 4 phone numbers can be set to be alerted to issues.
• Smoke detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors can also be added to the sensors.

Our systems are installed and maintained in banks, schools, hospitals and business premises throughout London as well as in private homes.

Wired Intruder Alarms Bromley

Wired alarms need cables running to each device – sensors, door contact, keypads, panic alarm and bell.

All cabling needs to be run internally around the property but we will hide the cables as best as possible in trunking where needed.
This is best achieved in new build properties or businesses with false ceilings.

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