ColorVu CCTV Bromley

Our customer based in Bromley had suffered repeated vandalism to their car tyres which were parked on their driveway. ColourVu CCTV BromleyThey decided that they needed CCTV to cover the whole house. We gave the option of the new ColorVu CCTV cameras by HikVision. These cameras are able to show colour even at night and also have a white light in situations where there is insufficient light as night.

As you can see from this image (taken without white light) the colour is very good even at night.#

Because the house had been extended we would need 7 cameras to fully cover the property. As well as 7 ColorVu CCTV cameras we provided a 4k NVR and 4TB CCTV quality Hard Drive. All cables were run through to the loft where we provided power and internet to the NVR. We setup line crossing detection on the driveway and connected up all mobile phones to view images remotely.

Making use of the drain pipes and soffits we were able to hide all Cat 6 cables for a neat and tidy finish.

You can find more information on HikVison’s ColorVu Camera’s here

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