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CCTV Security is paramount to business owners to act as a deterrent and also identify anyone who has committed a crime. Today’s high quality HD CCTV has never been clearer in quality and is a vital part of either stopping a crime or helping identify the perpetrators for insurance or prosecution.

From Gymnasiums to Supermarkets, Car Showrooms to Schools. CCTV helps protect people and valuable stock. High quality CCTV is now the number one priority for many business owners in London and the South East.

Commercial CCTV system installations are unique to each business and usually involve several cameras and recording options.  At UC-CCTV we have the experience and skill to provide businesses with a bespoke high quality CCTV system that fits their exact needs.

We can provide Commercial CCTV fo:

• Small business offices
• Gyms, Health Clubs
• Pubs and Clubs
• Small Retail Shops
• Large Retail Shops
• Hotels & Restaurants
• Parking garages
• Truck delivery areas

• CCTV provides the number 1 deterrent to criminal activity. If you want to stop criminals from accessing your property or committing a crime in it then a HD CCTV installation is one of the best ways of achieving this.

• The better the quality of footage captured by CCTV is the better change you have of bringing them to justice. This is why at UC-CCTV we only install HD or IP cameras which bring the maximum quality images.

• The CCTV systems we install are connected to your wifi, giving you live CCTV footage on your PC, smart phone or tablet from any  location where internet access is available.

• CCTV provides 24-hour security to your business or property. We can provide remote access to Smart Phones and even intruder alerts sent directly.

If you would like to speak to us about installing high quality CCTV to your business or upgrading you current CCTV to HD give us a call today on 0208 325 1427

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