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CCTV in the Home

Domestic / Home CCTV is our speciality

CCTV Cameras have been protecting homes for years but with the advent of high speed broadband and mobile phone technology there

has never been a better time to invest. UC CCTV only install IP HD (and above) quality camera systems to give you the best picture possible if you should need it for evidence. Features on IP cameras are more advanced such as:

Line Crossing Detection
Motion Triggering
Remote View of Video from Mobile Phone etc
Email and App Alerts
Facial Recognition
4k Ultra HD Resolution

CCTV outside your property is the best deterrent against criminal and anti-social behaviour which is sadly becoming more of an issue in this day and age in Bromley, London and the South East.

Did you know you can now view any camera system inside or outside your property from any Smart Phone or Tablet device? Peace of mind when you are away – even if it just to keep an eye on a home alone teenager or maybe an elderly relative!

CCTV has never been so high spec or affordable. Families consider it as an essential part of their lifestyles now – protecting themselves and their properties from crime and potential intrusion.

• CCTV is the number 1 deterrent against car and home theft.
• High quality HD or IP cameras give detailed views of people and the street.
• NVR systems are recording continuously 24/7
• NVR systems to IP Cameras are powered by ethernet (no need for mains power)
• Remote access your recordings or playbacks from anywhere in the world on any camera
• Link up a microphone to the camera to allow audio feed and even use it as a Tannoy system for example.. “oi!! Clear off!”

Which CCTV system is best?

Although there are many CCTV options available including “off the shelf” cheap solutions, at UC-CCTV we only install high quality HD systems with a DVR or NVR recorder.

In our experience the cheaper equipment is unsatisfactory and soon leads to complaints about image quality and after all, image quality is what CCTV is all about or it’s not much use.

There’s no point capturing someone trying to tamper with your car or invade your house if you can’t see their face clearly. Especially if that footage needs to be used for evidence or home insurance claims.

This clear evidence footage is hard to achieve from cheap “do it yourself” CCTV systems.

Like anything in life you get what you pay for so we say invest in quality CCTV and it will pay for itself over time. Also with IP systems you are future ready for any new technology that may hit the market.

The benefits of home CCTV security in Bromley are endless

• Access any camera on the house from anywhere in the world
• Store recordings for use at a later time
• Deter wannabe criminals or street punks who know they are being recorded
• Keep watch from abroad on stay at home teens or elderly relatives. “Hello son why are there 100 people in the garden dancing to Grime music?”

Home CCTV Systems

CCTV Cameras can be wired or wireless but wireless cameras will still need power. IP cameras are powered from ethernet cables (POE) from the NVR box and are the highest spec and clean installations. Give us a shout if you need any advice when deciding on what to use.

CCTV remote viewing from Smart Phone / Tablet / PC / Mac / Laptop

All of our systems are viewable on smart phones etc. Remember that high quality footage is uploaded not downloaded via your Internet Router so we do require your broadband speed ideally to be of fibre speed for the best results. It will still work with lower upload speeds but can swallow up a lot of your bandwidth. If you are away from the premises when viewing remotely this is not actually an issue anyway.

Remote viewing of cameras is not only useful when away but also to view the car in the garage, the baby asleep in her cot, what the dog is up to in the garden etc.

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    I considered setting up a cheap system from the local shop but i am glad i didn’t. The camera systems set up by UC-CCTV are brilliant and the remote access function on the phone is really good. The system is more than worth the money and the service i was given including full training was first class.

    Terry Smith, Smiths of Bromley

    UC CCTV have completed the requirements and hold certification from HIKVision to supply and install their products.

    The certification comprises the following:

    IT Networks
    Hikvision Products – HD Analog & IP
    Network Surveillance Solutions
    Hikvision Recording Systems and Software
    Network Bandwidth, Routing and Ports