What is Accusense

Accusense is a technology that provides greater accuracy when triggers are set off. Accusense can determine if the object is a vehicle or human so animals etc will not create a false trigger. Also events such as vehicle or human can be easily searched in the playback. UCCCTV use intrusion detection or line crossing [...]

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What is ColourVu

ColorVu is a new technology by HikVision that provides a colour image at night. Where as usually night mode or IR would kick in this system can still show a colour image. If not enough light is available in the vicinity to provide a colour image then a strobe light will kick in to [...]

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What is Darkfighter?

Hikvisions DarkFighter technology provides better images in low level light and IR night mode

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Does the system need updating?

Like all current software and hardware the HikVision NVR and Cameras have firmware updates to keep them bug free and up to date. We can provide an update service for you if wish.

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We’ve lost our password

As a certified HikVision company we are able to reset the password to allow you back into your NVR. Only registered companies can provide this service

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Do you Fit WiFi Cameras?

We stay clear of WiFI CCTV for several reasons. It's open to being hacked It will take up all of your WiFi bandwidth Because HD images are large in size, the playback may lag or drop out Connection may drop out or not even be possible Needs constant attention Needs batteries replacing You cannot [...]

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What are your qualifications?

We are Hikvision certified, have 20 years of CCTV installations experience, 25 years of I.T. experience and troubleshooting / networking. We also have a fully qualified electrician.

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What if I need to get footage off will it get deleted?

Eventually yes so you need to export it to a USB drive or to the computer via a web browser. We can give you instructions for this or even assist if necessary. You can also easily save clips from the phone app to your camera roll where you can easily email or whatsapp in [...]

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How long does it record for?

We install 1TB – 4TB hard drives depending on the quality and resolution of the camera. 4K images are much bigger than HD (x4) so need more space. We would expect you to get weeks if not months of footage.When the drive runs out of space it records over the oldest footage. [...]

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Can we have a choice of colours?

External cable is black which we run along guttering and cable tie to drain pipes, so it is virtually invisible. Cameras come in White, Black and Grey. Generally, we recommend white so they can be seen and work as a deterrent.

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