Fire AOV Emergency Lights Maintenance Bromley

We cconducted a comprehensive examination and maintenance of the Automatic Opening Ventilation (AOV) system in a residential block situated in Bromley, Kent

Initially, we conducted a thorough examination of the backup batteries within the main panel, ensuring their operational readiness. Subsequently, we proceeded to manually test each override switch to verify the activation of the AOV, meticulously confirming the functionality of every window and louvre. Throughout this process, we encountered an anomaly with one of the switches, which was promptly rectified, followed by a comprehensive system check to ensure proper operation.

Furthermore, we rigorously tested the AOV activation via the interconnection with the fire alarm system, guaranteeing that in the event of a fire alarm activation within a designated area, the corresponding vent promptly opens.

The fire sensors were all checked along with the call points and the emergency lights were drained down and batteries tested.

We also tested the fire panel connected to the emergency escape shutters along with the UPS battery.

Regular and meticulous testing of your AOV, Fire and Emergency Lighting systems is imperative to guarantee its efficacy during a fire emergency.

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