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CCTV Installation Dartford

HikVision CCTV Installation Dartford A customer wanted CCTV to cover the inside and outside of a small commercial unit in Dartford, Kent. We recommended 4 x HikVision Hybrid CCTV cameras which can stay colour at night or switch to infra red if a good enough colour at night image can't be provided. This [...]

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School CCTV Dulwich South East London

School CCTV Installation A pre school in Dulwich / Peckham South East London contacted us to carry out some maintenance on their CCTV system. We upgraded the DVR firmware and changed settings for better performance and storage. We recommended and fitted a 4TB hard drive as the existing 1TB didn't allow for much [...]

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Shop CCTV Norwood South East London

CCTV Norwood South East London The owners of a cake store in Norwood South East London requested our services for CCTV installation. They wanted a camera outside the shop covering the front area and door and also one inside the shop covering the whole inside. We installed a HikVision ColorVu dome outside the [...]

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Bromley High Street Flats Intercom Access

Bromley High Street Flats Intercom Access As well as a CCTV system for this refurbished flats project in Bromley we supplied and installed an intercom system. Each of the 4 flats had a control panel fitted so they could unlock the main gates and also the main door. We used 7" HikVision panels [...]

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Refurbished Flats Bromley CCTV

Refurbished Flats CCTV Bromley The project managers of a refurbishment on property in Bromley High Street that was being made into several small flats contacted us. They were interested in adding CCTV to the outside of the building to cover the outside of the main door, the cycle area and the outside of [...]

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Crosby House Flats Bromley CCTV Installation

CCTV installed at Crosby House Flats, Elmfield Lane Bromley The owner of this block of flats in Bromley wanted CCTV to cover the rear car park, the gate entrance and door to the side, the main door at the front, inside the main door area covering the lifts, the 2 corridors upstairs, the [...]

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Commercial Hikvision CCTV Sevenoaks installation Kent

Commercial CCTV Sevenoaks A customer based in Halstead in Sevenoaks had taken over a commercial building to rent for office space. They had solar panels on the roof and wanted to make sure the outside was covered as they had suffered fly tipping. They had existing CCTV cameras but many were old and [...]

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Inglewood Court, Oaklands Rd, Bromley CCTV Flats

What we did The director of Inglewood Court, a block of flats in Bromley contacted us to look at their existing CCTV system. A company had installed a wireless system which was completely unsuitable for this environment. The images came and went because the WiFi signal could not reach the DVR which was [...]

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