CCTV Installation

St Mary’s Avenue Bromley CCTV Installation

A customer based in Bromley asked us to go and do a CCTV site survey to see what we could do for their property. They only wanted 2 cameras so we found a location on the front that covered the drive and doorway. With only 1 camera it was impossible to cover all of [...]

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Kings Hill CCTV HikVision Colorvu

We were asked to supply and fit CCTV at the front and back of this new build property in Kings Hill. We suggested Colorvu CCTV cameras by HikVision as they provide an excellent alternative than standard infra red cameras at night by remaining in colour. We fitted one camera to the front covering the [...]

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Colorvu HikVision CCTV Installation Petts Wood

4 x Colourvu CCTV Cameras Petts Wood A Customer called us from Petts Wood to see if we could upgrade his existing CCTV cameras and add a few more to cover the side and rear. He wanted them to cover his work van at the front of his house on his driveway. Because [...]

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2 x Colourvu Hikvision CCTV Orpington

Hikvision Colourvu CCTV Orpington We were asked to install CCTV at a customer's property in Orpington. After a brief site survey we concluded that 2 cameras would be sufficient for the customers needs which were to cover the door, car area of driveway and garden. The customer wanted the NVR connected to their [...]

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Hikvision Colourvu Camera Installation Sidcup

7 x Hikvision CCTV cameras installed in Sidcup A customer based in Sidcup called us as they wanted to secure their bungalow property with CCTV cameras all around. They had some dark areas around the sides where there wasn't much if any light at night. We recommended the Hikvision Colourvu cameras as they [...]

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Colourvu CCTV Install Hayes Bromley

Colourvu CCTV Install Hayes Bromley We installed 2 x Colourvu CCTV cameras in Hayes, Bromley to cover the front and back of this marionette. We installed the hard drive into the NVR and updated the firmware of cameras as well to the latest version. The light on the cameras didn't get come on [...]

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CCTV Colourvu with Microphone Installation West KingsDown

CCTV Installation West Kingsdown We were contacted by a customer who was worried that her son was being verbally abused by neighbours in West Kingsdown, Kent. We suggested the Hikvision Colourvu camera with microphone and a monitor with speakers. We agreed the price and ordered the CCTV equipment. We installed one camera at [...]

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HikVision ColourVu CCTV Installation Petts Wood

ColourVu CCTV installation Petts Wood We were contacted by a customer based in Petts Wood who had had their car stolen from their driveway. They were after some good quality CCTV to monitor the from and back of their house. We did a site survey and recommended 3 cameras at the front of [...]

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