4 x Colourvu CCTV Cameras Fitted in Bickley

A customer enquired about getting CCTV installed at the front and back of their property in Bickley. We did a survey and recommended that the NVR be fitted in their garage where they were adding a new fuseboard. We installed one camera at the front of the property to cover the whole of the driveway, 1 above the garage to cover the area leading to the front door and garage, 1 covering the patio decking and the other corner where the patio doors were.

The NVR was housed in a lockable box which we fitted to the wall.

As you can see from the images below the day mode and night mode both look great. This is why we recommend Hikvision Colorvu Cameras because the night mode stays colour which is so much better and clearer than traditional black and white infra red.

Chris did a site visit and came the following week to install 4 HIK cameras. Took less than a day to install, check and hand over the system.

Works great on my Samsung phone, to see all cameras remotely.

Cabling was not intrusive

Images really clear.

Really happy we got them installed and would highly recommend UC CCTV.

Mr & Mrs Gray, Bickley

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