HikVision CCTV Installation Bromley Common

A customer based in Bromley Common enquired about CCTV at their property. After a site survey we suggested a camera to cover the front driveway, a side camera to cover the side patio doors and 1 rear to cover the garden and back patio doors.

We used Hikvision Colorvu cameras with 2 way audio, sound recording and a light that flashes when alerts are set off. We configured motion detection settings with the Acusense feature to massively reduce the number of false alerts. These were sent to the mobile app so the user can see instantly who is on their property.

Day Vision

Night Vision

What other CCTV Services do we provide?

  • Turret Cameras

  • Bullet Cameras

  • Vandal Proof Domes

  • Mini Domes

  • PTZ Cameras

  • Dark Fighter Low Light Cameras

  • Colour at night cameras

  • Cloud Storage

  • Access Control

  • Cat 5 Cat 6 CCTV Cable running

  • NVR / DVR password reset

  • Instant Alerts to Phone app

  • Motion Detection

  • Line Crossing

  • Camera audio warning light and sound

  • WiFi Access points

  • Cloud Storage

  • Privacy Masking

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