CCTV @ Inglewood Flats Chislehurt

We were contacted by a committee member of a block of flats in BR7 to replace their old analogue CCTV System. We met with the committee members over several visits and decided that the 4mp and 8mp colourvu IP cameras would fit their needs.

The Cat 6 cables would be run back to a cupboard under the stairs of the South block where the existing DVR was. We supplied 12 IP Colourvu cameras to fully cover the 3 entrances, garages and main entrances plus 2 covering corners and a further 2 round the back where previously no cameras resided.

We used the existing underground pipes to hide the cable and used cleats to run all the Cat around the walls behind bushes out of sight.

The NVR housed 2 x 6TB Sata Hard Drives and was held in an NVR lockable box bolted to the floor.

A very professional, neat and value for money service. The installation was completed with the minimum of hassle and with no disturbance to the many plants and bushes around the building.

David Viles, Inglewood Flats BR7 Committee

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