CCTV Installation Sydenham South East London

A customer based in Sydenham, South East London asked us to provide CCTV to cover her side alley by her house. Someone had dumped an old freezer as well as other items blocking the path. We suggested 2 x HikVision ColorVu CCTV cameras to cover the entrance to the path and the front.

We drilled a hole diagonally from the front wall to the side so we could position the side camera with no cables showing. The front cameras we housed the cable in white conduit and ran it down the side so it was well protected.

We came through a hole in the front wall where an old unused cable was run and then into the router and back of the NVR. We placed the NVR under the TV and used a HDMI cable to connect to the TV so the customer had that option to view the images.

We set their Hik-Connect app up to their smart phone and set alerts so that if anyone walked up the alley she would be instantly notified.

CCTV install company Sydenham
CCTV install company Sydenham

What other CCTV Services do we provide?

  • Turret Cameras

  • Bullet Cameras

  • Vandal Proof Domes

  • Mini Domes

  • PTZ Cameras

  • Dark Fighter Low Light Cameras

  • Colour at night cameras

  • Cloud Storage

  • Access Control

  • Cat 5 Cat 6 CCTV Cable running

  • NVR / DVR password reset

  • Instant Alerts to Phone app

  • Motion Detection

  • Line Crossing

  • Camera audio warning light and sound

  • WiFi Access points

  • Cloud Storage

  • Privacy Masking

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