Internal CCTV Beckenham

We were contacted by a customer who lived in a flat above her Step Father who is suffering from Dementia. She wanted to be able to keep an eye on him and make sure he wasn’t getting into difficulty especially when she was out of the flat.

We suggested a hardwired HikVision CCTV system for reliability as internal Wi-Fi cameras can be problematic. We installed a camera in the hallway, bedroom, front room and kitchen. We ran the camera cable in small upvc trunking so there were not wires showing everywhere.

We connected up the HikVision NVR to a Wi-Fi booster and connected to her internet in the flat above as the flat below didn’t have it’s own internet connection.

Using the Hik-Connect app on her phone the customer is able to view all cameras simultaneously to monitor the flat below and look out for any issues.

Internal Flat CCTV Beckenham BR3
Internal Flat CCTV Beckenham BR3
Internal Flat CCTV Beckenham BR3
Internal Flat CCTV Beckenham BR3

What other CCTV Services do we provide?

  • Turret Cameras

  • Bullet Cameras

  • Vandal Proof Domes

  • Mini Domes

  • PTZ Cameras

  • Dark Fighter Low Light Cameras

  • Colour at night cameras

  • Cloud Storage

  • Access Control

  • Cat 5 Cat 6 CCTV Cable running

  • NVR / DVR password reset

  • Instant Alerts to Phone app

  • Motion Detection

  • Line Crossing

  • Camera audio warning light and sound

  • WiFi Access points

  • Cloud Storage

  • Privacy Masking

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