CCTV in Cambridge Chambers Offices Bromley

We were asked to provide a CCTV system for a reception area and main door in an office in Bromley covering front door and stairs and the main door leading into the offices. This camera also covered the stairs opposite so the whole area was captured.

We used 2MP HiLook Cameras made by Hikvision as they didn’t need to be high spec for indoors and were lower cost. We used trunking to avoid any cables showing.

We ran the cat cables into the office next door where we housed the NVR in a cupboard out of the way. We also used existing trunking in the office to hide the cable run so it was all neat and tidy.

The LCD monitor was used for setup purposes only as we connected the customers phones to the HiLook Connect app.

Bromley Office CCTV

We are very pleased with the installation of 2 cameras in our office in Bromley.

Great team, very professional.

Farid, Cambridge Chambers Offices Bromley

What other CCTV Services do we provide?

  • Turret Cameras

  • Bullet Cameras

  • Vandal Proof Domes

  • Mini Domes

  • PTZ Cameras

  • Dark Fighter Low Light Cameras

  • Colour at night cameras

  • Cloud Storage

  • Access Control

  • Cat 5 Cat 6 CCTV Cable running

  • NVR / DVR password reset

  • Instant Alerts to Phone app

  • Motion Detection

  • Line Crossing

  • Camera audio warning light and sound

  • WiFi Access points

  • Cloud Storage

  • Privacy Masking

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