7 x Hikvision CCTV cameras installed in Sidcup

A customer based in Sidcup called us as they wanted to secure their bungalow property with CCTV cameras all around. They had some dark areas around the sides where there wasn’t much if any light at night. We recommended the Hikvision Colourvu cameras as they have a built in light which would help aluminate the area in darkness.

We surveyed the property and decided that 7 cameras would be needed to fully cover the property. They would all be attached to the soffits meaning backboxes would not be needed and also making the cameras not appear to bulky. The cables would be run in the gutter and then into the small loft in the upstairs bedroom. All cameras were installed without any cables showing so it was a nice clean installation.

We configured the microphones to record sound as well.

All equipment was upgraded to the latest firmware prior to installation.

hikvision colourvu cctv installation sidcuphikvision colourvu cctv installation sidcup

Very pleased with my CCTV installation, all went veryvery smoothly and results are super good.
Chris and Adam were very polite and tidy as well.

Brian Reardon , Sidcup

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