HikVision Accusense CCTV Bromley

Our customer based in Bromley wished to cover the front of their property leading up to the door and the rear garden area which had a gate to an alleyway. They also wanted a sensor light along the alley which would illuminate that when someone walked down the path.

We installed 2 x Accusense HikVision CCTV cameras which are 30m + 4MP which is double HD quality. Accusense provides spot on alerts when used with intrusion detection. This sends an alert to the phone which shows that someone is on the property. We configured the Intrusion Detection to “Human” for more accurate results.

We installed a 20w sensor light for the alley set to light when someone walks down the path.

As you can see from the images, using our cable running methods the cables are practically invisible.

We installed HikConnect on the customers phones and showed them how to use the software.

The NVR and cameras were upgraded by us to the latest firmware version at the time.

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