Colourvu CCTV Mottingham

mottingham se9 colourvu hikvision cctvWe were contacted via our website by a customer in Mottingham SE9 who wanted 1 camera to cover the front of their house and driveway. We recommended the new HikVision Colourvu G2 camera as the results are so good at night with the camera staying in colour mode rather than switching to traditional infrared.

We used a backbox to hide the cables from the camera and installed it next to the drainpipe. We chose a black camera to blend in with the drain pipe which worked well. The cables were run behind the drainpipe into the loft and then out the back down into the bedroom where there was an existing cable and also access to a small TV. We used 2 powerline adapters to send the internet to the bedroom.

We set up the customers HikConnect app on their iPhone and showed them how to use the software.

As you can see from the image here taken at night – the camera shows a very good colour image which is so much better than your average black and white infrared grainy image.

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